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In  2007 Indianapolis based artist, Tom Dearing began working on the songs that would become “How Do You Think I Feel?” (2009 debut release)   Working with producer/engineer Corey Miller at The Lodge Recording Studios, Tom’s signature sound of sparse, crunchy electric guitars set against smooth, melodic vocals was born.  Featuring Dane Clark on drums , Troye Kinnett on keyboards (both of John Mellencamp’s band)  and the extraordinary Randy Melson on bass, this record is an alternative pop/rock joyride, filled with thought provoking lyrics, strong performances, and surprising melodic twists.   


Known for writing smart, well-crafted songs, and influenced by folks like Elvis Costello, The Pretenders, The Cure, Weezer, and Todd Rundgren, Tom creates songs that ultimately sound like nobody else.   


In 2010 Tom teamed up with New York producer/wizard Benjy King to bring us  “Meet Mr. New Year” (2012)  Recorded at Red Rock Recording Studio in the Poconos PA with engineer Kent Heckman, this record features Benjy's former bandmates (Patty Smyth and Scandal) Keith Mack (guitar), Eran Asias (drums) and Tom Welsch (bass). Dearing proves once again his knack for innovative chord changes and strong (often surprising) melodies... and always with lyrics worth listening to.  Featuring smart modern pop songs - part up-tempo piano grooves and part jangly guitars with smooth vocals and a virtuoso, live sounding band, this album takes Tom’s sound to a new level.   


Tom is currently working again with producer/engineer Corey Miller on a solo guitar and vocal album called "Just Guitar Volume I".  It features Tom's Folk Pop side with stripped down songs(one guitar / one vocal) ranging from whimsical to intense.  Look for it Summer 2020!